I'm excited to announce this ☝ is the first in a series of side projects I'm working on or have worked on, all being developed for my own personal reasons "scratching my own itch".  My hope is that you will find some of these projects extremely useful in some way or another.

As many of you know one of the best tools for tuning SQL queries is by SET STATISTICS IO, TIME ON.  It gives you tons of information (e.g. Scan count, Physical Reads, Logical Reads, Execution times, etc.). However the information provided in the Messages tab is extremely uneasy to read.  There are already great tools in the wild for this (e.g. Vicky Harp's offline spreadsheet and Richie Rump's StatisticsParser.com), but I wanted to take it a step further by applying to SSMS entirely. That way you don't have to go anywhere else to see the results.

Without further ado I present to you the following: