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Real-time Reporting

Displays real-time and today total Google Analytics stats in your menu bar.

Unlimited Sites

Supports multiple site views at once in your menu bar.

Secure Authentication

Secure Google Analytics service credential authentication. No username or password required.

Ultra Fast Refresh Rate

Constant 15 second Google Analytics refresh rate.

Branded Logos

Proudly display your website's logo next to your stats in your menu bar.

Fully Editable Display

Adjust the menu bar stats the way you want to present them. Show or hide real-time or today stats from view and customize the labels.


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  1. Who is this app for?

    This app is for anyone who tracks users from websites or apps with Google Analytics.

    If you can relate to any of the following, then this app is most definently for you.

    • I have one or more websites I track via GA, but I hate loading up Google Analytics in the browser and having to sift through all my data just to get a sense of my traffic for all my sites. Can this app help with that? Absolutely! Yes!.
    • While working at my computer, it would be awesome if I could be notified when and how many visitors land on my site and know what page they're landing on and from where. Can this app fulfill this need for me. You know it can!
    • I wish I could see the traffic stats for all my websites at once in my taskbar / menu bar. Can this app fulfill this need? Yes!

  2. I would like to try the app before purchasing. Is there a trial mode?

    There is no trial mode at this time. However, I will say I personally use and stand by this app 100%. With that said, I have no issue in refunding anyone who's dissatisfied. And just to note, I haven't received a single refund request thus far so I think the app speaks for itself for manyπŸ˜„

  3. What data is shared with your backend? I.e. can you see the metrics being reported through the app?

    Absolutely Zero data is shared anywhere. The app is fully contained and running solely on your machine. All Google Analytics requests are securely transferred between your locally running app (for display only) and Google and that's it! What you see is live stats always at every request.

  4. How many websites can I display in my menu bar?

    You can display as many tracked websites or apps that will fit in your menu bar.

  5. How often are the stats being refreshed?

    The default refresh rate on stat reporting is every 30 seconds. However, you can easily adjust this in preferences to as low as 15 seconds or as high as you'd like.

  6. I manage multiple Google Analytics accounts. Can this app display stats from multiple accounts at once?


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